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How do I know if my on-line application was submitted successfully?

First, you should see a "success" message in green text at the top of the screen. To double check, though, you should go back to the main log-in page, choose "Login to Application" and enter your NetID and NYU Home password. If your application comes up with all the data in place, you submitted the application successfully; if not, it was not saved. If the latter is the case, choose "Create New Application", log in, complete the application and submit it.

What are the base-line requirements to become an undergraduate RA?

You must be classified by your school and your academic program as a junior or senior for the academic year in which you are applying to be an RA. Your cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or above and you must be in good academic standing with your school. You must also be in good behavioral and financial standing with the University. We also hire RAs for full academic cycles so all candidates should plan to serve the full academic year.

Why is every field required to initially submit the application? Can I return to my application and edit it at some point?

We require that all fields have a response in order to submit the application; if there's a specific field that you're not able to complete at the moment, just enter a place holder (i.e., "respond later" "XXXX" or "Come back to this") and you can update it at a later time. You will have the opportunity to update certain aspects of your application at different points throughout the RALI process. For example, there are two essay type questions in the application which must be answered for us to consider your application complete; however, you will be able to edit your responses to these questions (as well as your RALI section preferences) up until the point that you are assigned to a specific RALI meeting section. The basic demographic information can be updated at any point in the process.

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