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Sponsored Programs Administration Resources

Post-Award Grants Administration Resources

Resources for Post-Award Grants Management

Post-award administration needs frequently require research and comparison of information.  To this end, our Handbook Resources provide Principal Investigators, department administrators and other employees involved in post-award administration with material that assists with these research and comparison processes.  Content includes:

  • Links to internal NYU offices and websites
  • Links to external Federal resources, regulations and guidelines
  • References that assist with post-award accounting, costing and budgeting


Fly America Act Waiver Checklist

Sponsored Programs Administration Grants Close-out Checklist (for SPA use only)

  • Complete this checklist when expenses on Budget Summary Report (BSR) match the final financial reports/invoices submitted. Confirm pending adjustments have posted and attach BSR as support. The only pending item allowed at the time of closeout is outstanding payments. Items to include with this checklist are (1) updated BSR and (2) Cash Position.
  • Download the SPA Grants Close-Out Checklist

Tables & Handouts

Acceptable Direct Costs List

Activities Included/Excluded in University Effort Table

Identifying Unallowable Costs under Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) 505

  •  The rules prescribed by OMB Circular A-21 and recommended procedures for selected items of cost. Some of these items are unallowable as direct or indirect costs for sponsored programs (i.e., alumni activities). Others require special treatment (e.g., student administration and services). Therefore, these items must be segregated to ensure compliance with CAS 505.
  • Download Identifying Unallowable Costs under Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) 505 - (PDF)

Direct and Indirect Cost Matrix

  • For administrative and accounting purposes, costs are grouped into two categories: direct and indirect. Some costs however, are not discretely direct or indirect and may appear in either category, depending on the circumstances. This matrix indicates when a particular cost is normally charged directly or indirectly to sponsored projects. This table provides examples and is not intended to be all-inclusive.
  • Download the Direct and Indirect Cost Matrix (PDF)

Examples of Costs, Normally Treated as Indirect Costs, That May be Directly Charged to Sponsored Projects

Research Terms and Conditions Prior Approval Matrix

Handbook Table of Contents

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