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Opening or Modifying a Project

Opening & Modifying Accounts


Once New York University (NYU) is awarded funding from a sponsoring agency, a project is set up to track expenditures and to monitor other award compliance requirements. Both public and private sponsors provide specific requirements for tracking and reporting on grants and contracts.

NYU Approach

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) initiates the setup of an award on behalf of the Principal Investigator (PI). After the initial setup in Cayuse (NYU’s pre-award system), Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) sets up a project in PeopleSoft, including the approved budget received from the Department, by means of an Excel template. Alternatively, the Department may designate staff to input budgets for sponsored projects directly into the BIA Budget Module.

Opening & Modifying Grant Accounts Includes:


Project Set-Up & Modifications

All notices of grant awards are forwarded to OSP. OSP enters the award information into Cayuse, NYU’s proposal tracking and award administration system. The award data in Cayuse is then transferred to the PeopleSoft financial system and reviewed by SPA. SPA then completes the project and budget set up and issues a Project Authorization Form to notify the department of the project chartfield to be used for spending. 

What's an Advance / Risk Project?

An Advance/Risk Project allows the PI to begin spending pending receipt of the formal notice of award. A risk project can be requested. The school or department's Fiscal Officer must approve any Advance/Risk Project. Risk projects are generally established at 25% of the anticipated award for a budget period of three months. Should the anticipated sponsored award not materialize, the department is responsible for all expenses incurred on the risk project. 

Pre-Award Spending

The term "Pre-Award Costs" has two related, but distinct meanings.

  • Costs for a project incurred prior to the effective date of the award.
  • Costs for a project incurred on or after the effective date of the award, but prior to the University's receipt of the award documents.

In certain cases, federal agencies permit recipients to approve spending up to 90 days prior to the effective date of the award. Departments must request prior approval from OSP through PAS (the Prior Approval System) for pre-award costs prior to the “effective date” of a new award.  If the notice of award has not been received from the sponsor and the PI wishes to begin spending, the PI may submit a Request for Risk Project. If the research involves human subjects, departments must have approval from the IRB.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Send an e-mail to the respective team inbox in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) to request the status of the award setup.

SPA Team Inbox Email Addresses:

To identify your Team Inbox, click here to go to the SPA Contacts page.

Once the project is established, SPA will notify the Principal Investigator (PI) and Department Administrator (DA) by sending a Project Authorization Form.

Departments are required to submit the budget directly through the Budget Integrated Application (BIA). Alternatively, departments can complete the budget template provided by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) and email the appropriate team inbox:

SPA Team Inbox Email Addresses:

To identify your Team Inbox, click here to go to the SPA Contacts page.

If a temporary budget was established for direct costs (account 60000) and indirect cost (76450), the budget grid must include a line to reduce the temporary budget on the respective lines. This will prevent the overall project budget from being overstated and incurring a deficit.

A risk project would be appropriate if the official award document has not been received for a new award or continuation year funding, but the Principal Investigator (PI) would like to begin spending and has received communication from the sponsor that the award is imminent. The department should complete a Request for Risk Project by contacting Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA).

For the current process, departments must complete the Request for Risk Project form.

Coming in 2013/14: Requests for Risk Projects will be automated through the Office of Sponsored Program’s (OSP’s) CAYUSE system.

For access to BIA/BudMod, a Budget Authorization Access Form must be completed for the individual. Please contact your school's Fiscal Officer for approval.

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) will enter a temporary budget, up to the authorized agency budget, in order to allow spending at the time of project setup. Please allow three business days from time of project setup notification to activate chartfield and for the budget to post. Departments are required to either submit a detailed expense budget to SPA, or upload it through the Budget Integrated Application (BIA), as soon as the Project Authorization Form has been distributed.

Each department must designate an individual solely responsible for uploading budgets for Sponsored Projects. A Budget Authorization Access Form must be completed for this individual and designate the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Financial Analyst assigned to that school as the Approver. The completed form should be sent to SPA for approval. SPA will forward the budget approval form to ITS.

These are costs that were committed in the award budget, but not funded by the sponsor. Such costs cannot be billed to the sponsor and must be separately tracked in a cost share program linked to a department operating or discretionary chartfield. The same costs cannot be shared among multiple projects with cost share commitments. Please refer to the Cost Share Policy for a complete definition of the different types of Cost Share as well as University requirements associated with proposing cost share commitments.

Handbook Table of Contents

NYU Policy:
Opening or Modifying a Project Policy

Full Policy & Downloadable PDF available at the University Policy Website.

Read the Policy

Request for Prior Approval of Changes in Federal Grants (PAS Form)

All requests for prior approval must be in writing, well-justified, and accompanied by supporting documentation where necessary to ensure revisions are reasonable and appropriate. Read the instructions here.

Download the PDF

Request for Risk Project

In the event that an official fully executed award has not materialized, schools/departments may request the establishment of a risk (advance) project. This requires the approval of the Fiscal Officer and a default chartfield. This chartfield will be used to cover any expenses that are not reimbursed should the funding not materialize. Items to submit with this form must include any documentation pertaining to the award (i.e.: unsigned contract, proposal, budget grids, email communication with sponsor specifically mentioning this agreement).

Download the PDF

BIA - BudMod Budget Modification Template

Departments are required to submit the budget directly through the Budget Integrated Application (BIA). Alternatively, departments can complete the budget template (Excel spreadsheet) provided by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA).

Download the PDF

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