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Accounts Payable Expense Breakdown Sheet for Travel (EXP 2000T)

The Accounts Payable Expense Breakdown Sheet for Travel allows you to itemize expenses on paper prior to upload into the AP Workflow system.

Download the EXP2000T Form

BIA – Budget Modification System Request Form (BudMod Registration Form)

The BIA/BudMod System Request Form is used to request and secure access to the BIA/BudMod system. Learn more about BIA/BudMod on the Technical Systems page available in this Handbook.

BIA/BudMod Access Request Form

BIA - BudMod Budget Modification Template

Departments are required to submit the budget directly through the Budget Integrated Application (BIA). Alternatively, departments can complete the budget template (Excel spreadsheet) provided by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA).

Download the  BIA-BudMod Budget Modification Template (XLS)

Next, email the appropriate team inbox:

SPA Team Inbox Email Addresses:

To identify your Team Inbox, click here to go to the SPA Contacts page.

Cost Share Form

The Cost Share Form is used to identify specific sources of cost sharing including their account numbers. These sources must be University budget and other non-federal accounts.

Download the Cost Share Form

Fund 24/25 Payroll Cost Transfer Justification Form

For Payroll Adjustments prior to 4/1/2014 (or 9/1/2014 for SOE) only: Email the completed Fund 24/25 Cost Transfer Justification Form along with any supporting information and the Payroll Retroactive Cost Allocation Form to the appropriate SPA Team inbox for approval. The cost transfer request must have SPA approval prior to it being emailed to PeopleLink.

For Payroll Adjustments after 4/1/2014 for Washington Square (or 9/1/2014 for SOE): The Payroll Retroactive Cost Allocation From can be submitted online as part of the Payroll Adjustment Process in PeopleSync.  

Download the Fund 24/25 Payroll Cost Transfer Justification Form (PDF)

Gift v. Sponsored Activities Fund Determination Worksheet (Fund Determination Template)

The Gift v. Sponsored Activities Fund Determination Worksheet (Fund Determination Template) is used by SPA to determine in which Fund to establish a project.

Download the Gift vs. Sponsored Activities Fund Determination Worksheet

Please note: This form is for information purposes only. It is completed by Sponsored Programs Administration.

Request for Risk Project Form

In the event that an official fully executed award has not materialized, schools/departments may request the establishment of a risk (advance) project. This requires the approval of the Fiscal Officer and a default chartfield. This chartfield will be used to cover any expenses that are not reimbursed should the funding not materialize. Items to submit with this form must include any documentation pertaining to the award (i.e.: unsigned contract, proposal, budget grids, email communication with sponsor specifically mentioning this agreement).

Download the Request for Risk Project Form (PDF)

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