Three Year and Annual Renewals:  All protocols are reviewed 2 months prior to their scheduled expiration date to avoid lapses in approval. For questions regarding what to include with your Three Year Renewal, please refer to the Submission Checklist available under “Protocol Review Forms” and under “Resources.”

New Protocols, Three Year Renewals and Major Revisions: Protocols must be submitted for pre-review one month before the scheduled meeting date. Please refer to this visual diagram for clarification. Protocols should be submitted to the UAWC Administrator, who will forward them to the appropriate pre-reviewers. The pre-reviewers will send their comments to the Administrator who will coordinate all comments, make sure all pre-reviewers are in agreement, and send them back to the investigator. Revised protocols must be submitted by the final submission deadline with the Submission Checklist for inclusion in the committee packets.

Annual Renewals: Protocols must be submitted to the UAWC Administrator by the final submission deadline preceding the scheduled meeting date. The pre-review deadlines below do not apply for annual renewal submissions.

Pre-Review Deadlines Final Submission Deadlines UAWC Meeting Dates
2/14/20 3/6/20 3/26/20
3/13/20 4/3/20 4/16/20










PLEASE NOTE: Complete copies of the Protocol, procedures and associated grants must be provided to the UAWC Administrator in advance of the submission deadline date. Incomplete submissions can delay approval for up to a month.