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Minor Changes

Examples of changes considered to be minor and are generally well-suited to the amendment mechanism:

Note: The previously used Minor Amendment form has been replaced by the appendix method

  • Please consult with either the Attending Veterinarian or the UAWC Chairperson to determine if the amendment in question is major or minor. Per the PHS Policy, any increase or decrease in animal numbers is considered major unless found otherwise by the discretion of these individuals.
  • Substitution, addition or deletion of personnel or collaborator, excluding principal investigator.
  • Addition of another strain of the same animal species
  • Change in sex of animal to be used
  • Need to repeat an experiment
  • Addition of minor surgery
  • Addition of sample collection times
  • Additional noninvasive sampling
  • A change in procedure that is more specific than the language required in the original protocol does not require an amendment or UAWC approval, provided the change is not expected to increase pain or distress. (e.g., changes in needle gauge, surgical instruments, vehicle for injections, and use of post-mortem tissue.)
  • Replacing a procedure with another less painful, stressful or hazardous that achieves the same specific objectives
  • Changing experimental design to reduce the use of animals
  • Adding a comparable strain or treatment (e.g., Wistar to Sprague-Dawley; change in vector) if no change in pain, distress, or biosafety is expected.
  • Addition of a funding source
  • Removing a proposed experiment from a protocol.
  • Updating the alternatives section of a protocol (including Policy 12).
  • Changing or adding analgesia or anesthetic on veterinary recommendation.
  • Adding a procedure or treatment that is considered pain category “B” if the change does not significantly increase the numbers of animals approved or the duration of the study (e.g., add a nonstressful behavioral test).
  • Publication from The National Academies Press is available for purchase online: Recognition and Alleviation of Pain in Laboratory Animals
  • "Ask a Librarian" section added to Resource page
  • Updated Meetings dates and Note to Investigators
  • New Scientist Orientation: TBD
  • New Per Diem rates listed on OVR website
  • UAWC forms have been updated
  • Veterinary content moved to new OVR website
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