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Conducting the Search

There are a number of sources that can be consulted in conducting the search. Since the USDA requires that a search for alternatives must include searching a literature database, that would seem to be a logical place to start. It is important to remember that USDA policy requires that the database searched, the dates covered by the literature search along with the date of the search and the keyword(s) used must be provided to the UAWC as substantiation of the alternative search. Not only must the content of the database to be searched be considered but the coverage of the database is especially important. For example, Medline does not cover books but is limited to journal articles. If an investigator was interested in anesthetics or analgesics, several recent books might provide the necessary information. A database would have to be selected that includes book coverage. Dialog is an information provider that encompasses over 350 databases. Each database is described in a Blue Sheet that is available on the internet. Each Blue Sheet describes the contents of the database, the types of publications it covers, the years of coverage, and the searchable fields. The importance of choosing an appropriate database cannot be overemphasized

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