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Teaching by Graduate Students Supported by External Grants

(Revised February 2010)

The new conditions for support of graduate students (FAR4) have implications for Research Assistants funded by external grants. University policies on time and effort reporting by externally funded researchers, which are designed to ensure that NYU researchers remain in compliance with federal regulations, have the following implications:

  1. Graduate students appointed as full-time Research Assistants supported by an external grant may not receive extra compensation from NYU for teaching (or for any other activity) during any semester or summer month in which they hold such appointments.
  2. Graduate students appointed as part-time Research Assistants supported by an external grant may receive compensation from NYU for teaching to the extent that such  teaching is carried out during the remaining time in which the individual is not performing RA responsibilities.  The compensation received from the grant must correspond to the proportion of the total effort devoted to the grant.  For example, if an RA is devoting 50% effort to a grant, the salary for the RA will be 50% of the full-time RA salary. When an individual is devoting 50% effort to a Research Assistantship he or she may concurrently devote no more than 50% effort to the teaching position.

Any departure from these rules must be of limited scope and must have the explicit approval of the school dean and the Senior Vice Provost for Research.

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