Principal Investigator's Guide - Section 4

Sponsor Deadlines

Timing the proposal development and submission process is a crucial factor in successfully seeking external funding. Proposals that do not meet established agency deadlines may be returned by the sponsor to the Principal Investigator (PI) unreviewed, or may be held for the next competition, seriously delaying the opportunity to carry out the proposed work. Keep in mind also that in instances where proposals have been developed in response to a particular agency solicitation, it is unlikely that there will be a second "round" of competition.


University Review and Approval

Another aspect of the PI's proposal development and submission responsibility is meeting internal University requirements. PIs must first verify with departmental chairs or division directors that the proposed project is in line with the unit's programmatic objectives. This is generally accomplished by discussion with the chair or director well in advance of the actual submission. In addition, completed proposals must receive internal institutional approval (sign-off) prior to submission.  View the University's Meeting Deadlines Policy.

At all Washington Square units, proposals are routed for review and approval via NYU’s electronic proposal routing and approval system, Cayuse SP. The PI is responsible for obtaining all internal clearances before OSP can approve a proposal for submission on behalf of the University.

Proposals, including all required elements and necessary compliance and conflict of interest documentation, are assembled in Cayuse SP and then routed for approval electronically.

Consult your OSP Projects Officer and the Cayuse Resources Page for further information.