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NYU Proposal Forms (Internal)

Fillable PDFs & Online Forms Explanatory Note
Investigator Financial Interest Disclosure All Investigators must disclose their outside activities and financial interests by completing an Annual Disclosure and indicate the relationship to each proposed sponsored project via a project specific disclosure.
Agreement to Disclose Inventions Must be completed and submitted to OSP with 1st Federal application. Signatures from the PI and a witness are required. OSP cannot submit proposals on behalf of the PI without this Agreement on file.

Prior Approval System for Management of Federal Grants (PAS) Form


(PAS) Instructions

Used when making a significant change to a federal grant; some actions are grantee (NYU)-approved; others must be communicated to the sponsor by the OSP/AOR for their concurrent approval prior to OSP implementing the change.

Statement of Intent to Collaborate An assurance document used when NYU is either the pass-through entity (prime grantee) or the proposed subrecipient on a collaborative sponsored project.
Subaward/Consultant Agreement Request Form To be used in making vendor/subrecipient determinations and for requesting the CO to draft, negotiate and execute a subaward for programmatic effort undertaken by a collaborating organization.
FDP Subaward For use with Subaward Agreements between and amongst FDP member institutions. NYU is a member of FDP.