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NYU Proposal Forms (Internal)

Fillable PDFs & Online Forms Explanatory Note
Investigator Financial Interest Disclosure All Investigators must disclose their outside activities and financial interests by completing an Annual Disclosure.
Agreement to Disclose Inventions With 1st Federal application. Signatures from PI and a witness.
Statement of Intent to Collaborate When NYU is either the pass-through entity or the proposed subrecipient on a collaborative sponsored project.

Prior Approval System for Management of Federal Grants (PAS) Form


(PAS) Instructions

When requesting a significant change in a federal grant.


Attachment 3B For use in Incoming FDP Subaward Agreements. NYU is a member of FDP and welcomes the use of FDP subaward template agreements where appropriate.
Subaward/Consultant Agreement Request Form For agreements issued by NYU to 3rd parties.
Independent Contractor Questionnaire (Form IND4000A)   For consultants in addition to subawards.