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Policies affecting submission of NIH Grant applications for due dates on or after January 25, 2011

End of two-day correction window. As of January 25, 2011, NIH (and its sister agencies, AHRQ and NIOSH), will eliminate the error correction window from the application submission process. The error correction window was originally implemented in December 2005 as a temporary measure to facilitate the transition from paper to electronic application submission via The window has allowed applicants an opportunity after the deadline to correct missing or incorrect aspects of their applications, identified by NIH system-generated errors and warnings upon submission. Corrected applications will no longer be accepted after the agency deadline.

Beginning on January 25, 2011, all applications submitted after 5:00 p.m. local time on the due date will be considered late and may not be accepted for review. NIH will continue to accommodate individual system-related issues which prevent on-time submission of an application, so long as these are appropriately documented and are verifiable by NIH support staff, and will make contingency plans on an as-needed basis for system-wide failures, as well as for natural disasters.

The elimination of the error correction window does not affect the two-business-day application viewing window, during which applicants may view the electronic application image in eRA Commons and reject and submit a corrected application prior to the submission deadline.

The best strategy for ensuring an error-free submission is to prepare the application well in advance of the deadline, using Cayuse, NYU’s system interface with Cayuse not only auto fills standard NYU and PI information and facilitates budget development, but it also imports subcontractor documentation on-line (using another Cayuse product,, pre-validates the application and assigns a tracking number immediately upon submission. See the OSP website to register in Cayuse, if you have not already done so.

Reminder: NYU proposal deadline policy will be strictly observed. OSP cannot thoroughly review proposals without at least five business days lead time, (10 days is preferable) and cannot guarantee a successful transmittal if a final, complete proposal is received less than three days in advance of the sponsor due date. For a full explanation of NYU policy see: 

Reminder: NIH policy on submission of additional application materials after the deadline has also changed. As of September 25, 2010, except for applications submitted in response to an RFA with one due date and training applications, or as per special FOA instructions, only unforeseen administrative issues will justify submission of additional materials, and all such materials must be submitted at least one month prior to the peer review meeting with evidence of OSP approval. Examples of acceptable post-submission materials include:

  • Biographical sketches for changed senior/key personnel
  • Letters of support or collaboration due to loss of an investigator or other changed senior/key personnel
  • Adjustments resulting from natural disasters (e.g., loss of an animal colony) or change of institution
  • News of an article accepted for publication
  • Revised budget pages reflecting changed estimates due to material changes in funding or resources.

For more detailed information see:

Reminder: NIH will no longer accept two resubmissions (i.e., no A2 applications), or resubmissions submitted later than 37 months after the due date of the initial new, renewal or revision application (unless the PI is was eligible for continuous submission for the initial application, and remains eligible, in which case the resubmission deadline is 37 months after the receipt date of the initial application). For more detailed information, see:

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