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Publications and Announcements

The online NYU Principal Investigator's Guide to Preparing and Submitting Proposals for Research, Training, and Related Activities was developed to assist both experienced and new investigators with the process of applying for external support at NYU.

OSP distributes targeted announcements to faculty, chairs, program directors, graduate and undergraduate advisors, deans, and administrators. These announcements bring funding opportunities to the special attention of academic and administrative personnel with congruent interests.

Program Resources Library

OSP maintains a small library of materials that profile public agencies, private foundations, and voluntary health organizations offering funding for faculty-initiated projects. The collection also includes a variety of guides to proposal development and writing.

Seminars & Workshops

OSP, often in conjunction with other administrative offices and/or school administrators, offers a range of workshops on an intermittent schedule. Past workshops have included "Preparation of Individual National Research Service Award Proposals", "Preparation of National Science Foundation Dissertation Proposals", and "Submitting Proposals to NIH via".

Proposal Area Assignments


Each department and/or unit at the University is supported by a Projects Officer who can assist you in identifying externally funded resources and in proposal submission procedures in your area and discipline.

OSP & CO Team Assignments

OSP Contacts

Nancy S. Daneau, Director
(212) 998-2121

Betty Farbman, Associate Director
(212) 998-2017

Joseph Hayes, Assistant Director
(212) 998-2117

Kimberly Schulman, Assistant Director
(212) 998-2122

Ilene Jacobs, Senior Projects Officer
(212) 998-2898

Mikhail Berlyant, Projects Officer
(212) 998-2379

Nathan Blouin, Projects Officer for
Mega Grant Initiatives
(212) 998-4428

Eric Bybee, Projects Officer
(212) 998-4267

John Cooper, Projects Officer
(212) 998-2129

James Gotfredson, Projects Officer
(212) 998-2107

Wendy Remington, Projects Officer
(212) 998-2126

Cormac Slevin, Projects Officer for
Global Research Activities
(212) 998-2733


Sandy Jung, Information Services Administrator for Web Communications & Training
(212) 998-2123

Amy O'Hara, Associate Director, HR, Operations & Administrative Services
(212) 998-2125

Dennis Rodriguez, IT Manager
(212) 998-4832

Jose Rosado, Systems Analyst
(212) 998-2481

Aaron Ward, Systems Analyst
(212) 998-2186

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