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Electronic Submission Instructions for Revisions to IRB Concerns

Revised 10/2012

Please read the following instructions carefully. These instructions are for the following type of submissions only. Do not respond directly to any administrative staff member. Submitting your information to the incorrect e-mail could cause a delay in the processing and review of your research documents.

Below you will find a detailed list of instructions on how to submit electronically. Following these procedures will help speed up the submission and review process. Submissions must be made to the appropriate e-mail address as outlined below. Copies sent directly to a UCAIHS administrator, or submitted in unacceptable formats, cannot be entered into the electronic tracking system and will be returned to the PI with instructions to submit appropriately. If you have any questions about these instructions, please feel free to email our office with your inquiries or concerns to

Hard copies of applications sent through the mail or dropped off in the UCAIHS Office will be returned to the PI without review.


Revisions in response to the IRB’s review (following initial IRB review)

Submit to:

In the subject line, write: REVISIONS for IRB# ________, Title:_____________, PI Name______________

In the body of the e-mail:

List and number the contents of the attachments, and submit your response as described below:

  1. Respond in a memo format and follow the instructions listed in the letter you received from the IRB.
  2. Written responses should be numbered according to the corresponding request in the IRB’s letter.
  3. If you have been asked to make changes to the IRB application, you will need to revise your application and resubmit the application in its entirety.
  4. For changes in the consent forms and recruitment materials, please submit a clean copy with no markings, and a highlighted version showing where revisions have been made. Highlight in yellow new additions to the consent. Use the “strike through” function to show deletions.
  5. Submit only two sets of the updated consents and recruitment materials. One set showing the revisions and one clean copy for stamping. Do not submit copies of any older versions.
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