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Electronic Submission Process

The UCAIHS Office will no longer accept paper copies of protocols. All submissions will need to be sent electronically. Paper applications will be returned without review.

By submitting your application electronically, UCAIHS can ensure:

  1. that all submissions are time/date stamped;
  2. all submissions are uploaded into our electronic research administration module; and
  3. all research protocols are electronically tracked.


Tips for a Smooth Submission Process

  1. Submit each application type separately, and to the appropriate e-mail address–please do not include a Continuing Review Report and an Amendment Request Form within the same e-mail. To the right, under Electronic Submission Instruction by Type, please select the link pertaining to your type of review for specific submission instructions.
  2. If you submitted an application and forgot to include a document, please wait until we have contacted you with instructions before submitting the missing information.
  3. If, during the review process, you decide to revise your application, you can send a request to requesting to withdraw your applicaton. You can then resubmit a new application at a later date. However, do not send in any revisions until you have received a review notification for the original submission.
  4. Please do not submit documents in formats other than what is specified above for each part of your submission. (NO GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, or Microsoft Office Publisher files).
  5. Submit all consent documents on appropriate departmental letterhead and allow enough room in the footer of each page for the approval stamp (at least 1.5” on bottom border, lines must be single-spaced to accommodate approval stamp). Do not paste a PDF document into a Word file! It does not work appropriately.
  6. Submit via your NYU (Net ID) e-mail account using your NYU (Net ID) e-mail address (this means NO @AOL, @Gmail, or other accounts), so that we can verify that the submission is from an NYU faculty member or student. We will no longer send notifications to emails other than your valid net ID email, so make sure that you know your net ID and have set up an appropriate e-mail box.
  7. Take the required Human Subjects Training BEFORE you write and submit your application. All faculty and students should take the appropriate NYU Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training modules for Human Subjects available at
  8. Complete, review and submit the Investigator Checklist/Intake Data Entry Form when submitting a new application to ensure that you have included all required documentation in your submission and to allow the staff to enter appropriate initial submission information into our database.
  9. Submit any questions you have about your application or the application process to

Electronic Submission Instruction by Type

  • Initial Review
    New applications that have never been reviewed by the UCAIHS before
  • Exemption via Cayuse (as of 12/1/2015)
  • Revisions
    Revisions in response to the IRB’s initial review
  • Amendments
    Amendments applications for changes to approved study protocols
  • Continuing Review
    Continuing Review applications for previously approved and seeking renewed approval

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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