In accordance with Federal regulations, New York University has established an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review all proposed research involving human subjects to ensure that the subjects' rights and welfare are adequately protected.

New York University's IRB, the University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects (UCAIHS), must review and approve all research involving human subjects at the University (exclusive of the School of Medicine and certain projects at the School of Dentistry) before it may be carried out.

The UCAIHS is composed primarily of faculty members from disciplines in which research involving human subjects is integral to that discipline's work (for example, psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, nursing, social work, and dentistry). The UCAIHS also includes a community member with no other affiliation to New York University.

UCAIHS membership, policies, and procedures are governed by a Federal Wide Assurance.

Contact Human Subjects Staff

UCAIHS staff members are available assist you with:

  • Integrating human subjects requirements into your research plan;
  • Clarifying the requirements for research with human subjects;
  • Preparing your application to the UCAIHS;
  • Responding to post-review requests from the UCAIHS.

We ask that investigators make full use of the guidance materials. These references explain most human subjects issues, and they should be the first stop for information in the human subjects review and approval process.

For additional questions and guidance, please email or call 212.998.4808.