Contract Resources

Required Documents for Incoming and Outgoing Sponsored Program Agreements

Scopes of Work: Detailed scopes of work are important both when NYU is the performing party and when NYU is contracting for work to be completed by a third party. See our Guidelines for Writing a Scope of Work for helpful hints.

Budget and Budget Justifications
Contact Information:

For use in Incoming FDP Subaward Agreements: Attachment 3B. NYU is a member of FDP and welcomes the use of FDP subaward template agreements where appropriate.

Agreements Issued by New York University to Third Parties

Request a Subaward/Consultant Agreement: Complete the Subaward/Consultant Agreement Request Form and submit to

Consultant Agreements: In addition to the Request Form, please submit a completed Independent Contractor Questionnaire (Form IND4000A).

Subawards Issued in Connection With Federal Awards: NYU is a member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP). When issuing subawards in connection with certain federally funded sponsored projects, NYU uses the FDP templates. Additional terms may be included where appropriate.

DUNS Number Requirement for Subrecipients: The DUNS number is required for all subrecipients receiving funds under a Federal Prime Award. If the organization does not yet have a DUNS number, please direct the organization to: