Contract Office

The Contract Office serves NYU Washington Square in the conduct of sponsored programs with federal, state, city, foundations, not for profit, and foreign entities in the following ways:

  • Serves as NYU’s Authorized Organizational Representative in providing assurances, representations and certifications;
  • Negotiates and accepts terms and conditions binding upon NYU and applicable to the conduct of sponsored projects;
  • Facilitates collaboration through the negotiation and execution of subawards for programmatic performance and independent consultant agreements for services;
  • Advises Investigators on sponsored project administration with a particular focus on the core principles of protecting academic freedom, responsible stewardship, and compliance with federal, NYU, and sponsor-specific policies and regulations


Nancy S. Daneau
Director of Sponsored Programs
(212) 998-2121

Victoria Cosentino
Contract Officer
(212) 998-2892

Tammi Kenton
Assistant Contract Officer
(212) 998-7296

Tatiana Shapiro
Assistant Contract Officer
(212) 998-2319

LaToya Black
Subcontract Manager
(212) 998-2871