The Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) was created in the Spring of 2017 to help grow and to transform research computing services and facilities.


  1. Assist in running, growing, and transforming research computing facilities and services at NYU in order to help retain existing faculty, attract new researchers, and acquire additional funding.
  2. Provide a more structured way to collect research sector computing needs.
  3. Recommend expansions and upgrades to advanced technology infrastructure and research services that will enable scholars to undertake cutting-edge research, collaborate with peers, and integrate research with education.
  4. Review research computing service reports and report back to the executive sponsor(s).


Individual board members (see column at right) are chosen for his/her knowledge and understanding of:

  1. The broad spectrum of research computing needs and interests within the University community.
  2. Contemporary and emerging research computing technology and demands.
  3. The University’s strategic planning process.
  4. The University's mission to remain an outstanding research enterprise.

Faculty members and scientists are nominated by the Vice Provost for Research, Stacie Grossman Bloom.

Board Membership

Chair/Executive Sponsor: Stacie Grossman Bloom
NYU IT Research Technology Relationship Manager: David Ackerman
NYU IT Research Technology Staff: Stratos Efstathiadis

  • College of Global Public Health: Tom Kirchner
  • Courant: Charles S Peskin
  • Courant: K Shafer Smith
  • Courant: Ken Perlin
  • Courant: Deena Engel
  • Courant: Julia Kempe
  • CUSP: Daniela Hochfellner
  • CUSP: Huy T Vo
  • CUSP: Debra Laefer
  • Division of Libraries: Austin Booth
  • Division of Libraries: Scott Collard
  • Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS): David Gresham
  • FAS: Jonathan Nagler
  • FAS: Joshua Tucker
  • FAS: Karen E Adolph
  • FAS: Kyle S Cranmer
  • FAS: Meredith K Broussard
  • FAS: Richard A Bonneau
  • FAS: Yingkai Zhang
  • FAS: Elaine Gan
  • FAS: Jeffrey Erlich
  • FAS: Benjamin Schmidt
  • NYU IT: David Ackerman
  • NYU IT: Stratos Efstathiadis
  • Office of the Executive Vice President: Len Peters
  • Office of the Provost: Stacie Grossman Bloom
  • Office of the Vice Provost for Research: Dennis Rodriquez
  • Office of the Vice Provost for Research: Nancy S Daneau
  • School of Medicine: Aristotelis Tsirigos
  • School of Medicine: David Fenyo
  • Steinhardt: Jan L Plass
  • Steinhardt: Natalie Brito
  • Stern School of Business: Norman White
  • Tandon: Claudio Sliva
  • Tandon: Juliana Freire