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This article is used with the permission of and in cooperation with the NYU Book Centers:

At NYU, as well as universities across the country, customized course packs are growing in popularity as a valuable component of teaching materials. Each course pack contains articles or chapters from previously published sources chosen by the instructor to be a part of his or her teaching plan. There is much debate about copyright law and the concept of fair use. However, until the U.S. Supreme Court decides otherwise, the Book Centers will continue to abide by the Copyright Act of 1976 and the jurisdictions of the New York State courts, which means we must apply for permission for most of the materials included in the course packs.

The good news is that we're looking at ways to streamline the process of requesting permission from college textbook publishers as well as all other copyright holders, including the use of the Internet. But until publishers improve their response time, we will still need four to six weeks to process your request. We are, however, working to make our program more timely and less labor-intensive. In partnership with NYU Reprographics, using state-of the-art equipment, we can provide course packs more efficiently at competitive costs. We believe you will be pleased with the much improved quality of the printed document. If you would like to take part in this program and would like more information, please call Cynthia Fairbanks at ext. 84671.