Using Fonts

Unless your software allows you to embed TrueType fonts, you should avoid using them. Documents that use TrueType fonts may print unpredictably on computers other than the one that was used to create them.

Not all fonts have a bold or italic version. If you are not certain that you have the bold or italic variation of a font, do not use the font attributes buttons in your application to fake the variation. Your desktop printer may be able to mimic or fake the missing variation, but high-resolution printers, such as those used for offset printing, will not. If the font you are using does not have a bold or italic variation, you should select another font that does have the desired variations.

Regardless of which software you use, always provide Reprographics with all image files and fonts used in your document. Even if you use software that allows you to embed TrueType fonts, you should still include the fonts themselves. PostScript fonts always consist of two files - a printer font, and a screen font - and both should be included along with your file.