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Minor Application

Access to Unofficial Transcripts on Albert

The Minor Application in Albert Student Center can be accessed via the "other academic" drop-down menu or on the "My Academics" tab. Through this application, students matriculated in certain schools can:


  • When you submit an application for the minor, it will be reviewed by both your home school and the minor school (for cross-school minors). If it is approved, the minor will appear on your transcript.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you satisfy the requirements for the minor. You should contact the department that offers the minor with any questions.
  • It is recommended that the minor application be submitted before you apply for graduation so that, if needed, a confirmation of minor completion can be sent in time to meet graduation deadlines.
  • Internal Transfers and Liberal Studies Transitioners: Any minors you declared in your previous program will not carry over to your new program. After consulting with an advisor in your new program, please re-declare your minor if you are eligible to do so.