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Fall 2014 Registration

Fall 2014 registration begins on Monday, April 28, 2014, and the course schedule is now available in Albert. Fall classes at Washington Square begin on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 (start dates at study away sites may vary).

Please note: If you have applied for May 2014 graduation, you cannot register for Fall 2014 classes until you are admitted to a new degree program.

Preparing to Register

  1. Check your registration appointment day and time by signing into Student Center in Albert and clicking on "details" in the "Enrollment Dates" section. Appointment days and times are based on the Eastern Time zone. Appointments are prioritized by earned credit amount (excluding current term credits). Please note that the appointment structure has changed for Fall 2014 to improve system performance at peak periods. Due to this change: 1) graduate students will have appointment times throughout Monday, April 28; and 2) undergraduate students within a credit range may share a single appointment time, and large groups with equal credits may be randomized across multiple appointment times.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor to review your course selection, degree progress, and to release your advising hold, if one currently exists on your record.
  3. Check for registration holds by signing in to Albert Student Center. Some holds - like advising or past due balance - may block you from registration. Click "Details" in the "Holds" section to see contact and resolution information.
  4. Update your contact information by signing in to Albert Student Center and click "Personal Information." You are required to have a current "NYU Emergency Alert" cellular phone number and emergency contact to register.
  5. Use the "Shopping Cart" & "Validate" tools to start planning your schedule by adding classes into your enrollment "Shopping Cart," and by using the "Validate" tool to foresee, avoid and resolve potential enrollment issues at your appointment time. Please note: although you may put as many courses as you want into your Shopping Cart, your school policy will limit the number of credits for which you are allowed to enroll. Also, using the Shopping Cart and Validation tools in advance does not guarantee enrollment! You’ll need to complete the enrollment process at/after your appointment time to finalize your schedule.
  6. Visit the various registration pages on this website to familiarize yourself with registration procedures and the academic calendar. Browse our Student Guides for detailed instructions on adding/dropping, wait-lists, swapping, permission numbers and other important registration information.
  7. Visit StudentLink for helpful links related to registration, financial, and housing information.

If you have additional registration questions, please contact the Office of the University Registrar.

The following web sites provide further information that you may find useful when registering for classes:

Academic Calendars
The Dental Hygiene Programs calendar (click on Academic Calendar)
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act