torn textbooks
Torn Textbooks is a New York based performance group. The groupšs text-based Performances explore the impermanence of meaning by interrupting established patterns of knowledge. Torn Textbooks explores the performativity of text by giving voice to non-sentences, addressing a variety of textual myths and how human exchanges are constructed in language.

The group explores the construction of public and private identities within these structures. Through attempting to de-stabilize symbolic signifiers, through interrupting the "sign", the group experiments with a new socio-symbolic framework that allows for multiple narratives and an inclusion of the historic other. Torn Textbooks explores the present within the larger inter-textual framework of autobiographic experiences and cultural myths associated with the unfolding of thousand- year-old memories.

Performances are based on rituals and spiritual practices, 6000-year-old memories that are re-told within a contemporary framework, mimicking a post-modern desire to re-connect the fragmented subject and society.
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