Spring 2010

Volume 8 | Number 1

Lindsey Schneider
Editor in Chief

Adrian Versteegh                         Myong Yee Chin
Editorial Director                   Art Director

Julie Baumgardner
Christine Woody
Senior Editors

Tamara Day, Nina Lyristakis, April Elizabeth Pierce, Alex Ponomareff, Kathleen Reeves, Alex Teplitzky, Greg Wershching, Tina Sade Williams
Assistant Editors

T.A. Banerjee, Julie Baumgardner, Myong Yee Chin, April Elizabeth Pierce, Alex Ponomareff, Kathleen Reeves, Lindsey Schneider, Alex Teplitzky, Adrian Versteegh, Greg Wershching

Anna W. Bardaus
Editor at Large

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Letter from the Editor

Table of Contents


Some Sort of Grace: David Wojnarowicz’s Archive of the Death of Peter Hujar
Emily Colucci

Toxic Terrorism: A Crisis in Global Waste Trading
Marthe Sende

Edgardo Antonio Vigo’s Proyectos a Realizar
Vanessa Davidson

Shonibare’s Masked Ball: The Silent Danger of Cloth and Construction
Adrienne Goloda

Interactions With the Non-Human: Fetishism, Prosthesis, and Postmortem Photography
Salvador Olguin

The Art of Displaying Life and Death: Aspects of Surrealism in Vienna’s Naturhistorisches Museum
Renée DeVoe Mertz


The Threshold
Hugo Pezzini


L’Infinito, by Giacomo Leopardi
Elizabeth Marie Rine


If Love Was Like
Katie Beers

On the Quinnipiac
D.r. Baker

To My Breast-Pump
Kiran Mascarenhas

Marina Blitshteyn

The Barn
Emily Sharp

Lady Capulet to Daughter Juliet
Katie Beers


A Strange Little Problem
Scott Bankert

Macelleria 86
Carrie Vasios

Art & Photography

Prison Hand Shake
Outside the Mines

Emily Sharp

Some Comfort
In America

Tiffany Minaret Sakato

Cover 2

Jennifer Murray

Night Drive to Ultima Esperanza
Cascada Fireworks Display

Scott Bankert

Untitled Drawing
Beatriz Olivetti

Sex and Death
Briana MacWilliam

Erasure series
April Elisabeth Pierce




The Spring 2010 Issue


Cover image: The Queen / Bitch by Jennifer Murray



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