spring 2005 | The Democracy Issue

volume 3 | issue 1

Jonah Cardillo, Daniel Johnson, Pablo Morales

Nadia Anderson, Shannon Barbour, Daniel Butcher, Katherine Carlson, Elizabeth Chavez, Erwin Cifuentes, Jennie Cohen, Sarah Glover, Genevieve Hendricks, Marika Josephson, Eva Kenny, Tony Leonard, William J. Levay, Fatima Policarpo, Karen Rosenthall, Rory Rowan Laura Shanley, Leilah Venaiah
Editorial Board

Nadia Anderson, Jonah Cardillo, Kenneth Harney, Daniel Johnson, Marika Josephson, Rachel Shields, Pablo Morales

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Editors' Note


"They Dance Alone": Gender in the Chilean Transistion to Democracy
Hillary Hiner

The Art of Making Music in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: The Culture Industry Remixed
William J. Levay

Democratic Necrophilia: The Eighteenth Century's Anxious Disease
Adam Wilson

Native American Spatial Imaginaries and Notions of Erasure in Sherman Alexie's
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven
Nina Rothberg

The Production of Global Space
Daniel Johnson

Imagine a Boot Stamping on Your Face Indefinitely: The 'War on Terror' and Executive Hegemony
Rory Rowan

In Defense of Other Space: A Zapatista Children's Story in the Struggle for American Democracy
Tony Leonard


Re-striking Nineteen Five-Oh Empire
Daniel Butcher

To the underwater bicycle:
Rachel Shields

Karen Rosenthall


Christine Ghezzo

Cop-Helicopter Counting
Daniel Butcher

The Good Doctor
Daniel Butcher *

Flag Waver
Pablo Morales

Korean War Memorial
Marika Josephson

Not Permitted
William J. Levay

Elderly Woman and Car
Eddie Geisinger

Nadia Anderson

Parthenon in Scaffolds
William J. Levay


The Cool, Cool Harbor
Jonah Cardillo



* After publication, it was revealed that this photo of Hunter S. Thompson was taken not by Daniel Butcher, but by Brian Brainerd. The editors of the following issue printed this retraction.


The Violence Issue


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Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
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