2009 | The Intersections Issue

Volume 7

Anna W. Bardaus
Editor in Chief

Adrian Versteegh                        Myong Yee Chin
Editorial Director                  Art Director

Lindsey Schneider                      Yvonne Garrett
Senior Academic Editor      Senior Literary Editor

Julie Baumgardner, Sarah Broderick, YZ Chin, Charlotte Kelly, Rhyannon Rodriguez, Christine Woody
Assistant Editors

Yelizveta Goldfarb, Beatriz Olivetti, Alex Ponomareff, Juan Torbidoni
Editorial Assistants

Tiffany Minaret Sakato

Anna W. Bardaus, Julie Baumgardner, Myong Yee Chin, Louis Gulino, Lindsey Schneider, Juan Torbidoni, Adrian Versteegh

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Letter from the Editor


My Name Is Johnny Cash
Hilarie Ashton

Aphra Behn's Oroonoko and The Middle Passage Effect
Susan Rosefeld

Yes We Can: (President) Barack Obama and Afrofuturism
Olivia J. Greer

The Aesthetics of Freedom: Hegel's Evocation of the                   Classical World
Juan Torbidoni

The Politics of Participation: Revisiting Donna Haraway's                 "A Cyborg Manifesto" in a Social Networking Context
Alana Brooks Smith

Fiction & Poetry

The Day She Remembers
Sarah Kilby

Healing the Fragments in Fragments
Liza K. Williams

The Bottletree
Sarah Kilby

Cinderellas of Newcastle: Travel Edition
Whitney Johnson

Before Noon
Danielle Sheeler


Niche Photographs, I
Christine Mladic

Untitled Drawings
Beatriz Olivetti

Niche Photographs, II
Christine Mladic




The Intersections Issue


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Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
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