fall 2007 | The Culture Issue

volume 5 | issue 2

Cara Shepley
Editor in Chief

Caitlin Kerker Mennen
Art Director

Todd Woodlan
Design and Layout Editor

Anna Bardaus, Arcynta Childs, Kate Crouse, Luke Epplin, Pei Palmgren, Eduardo Saldaņa-Piovanetti, Georgiana Toma, Tim Welsh
Editorial and Proofreading team

Anna Bardaus, Dana Leventhal, Pei Palmgren
Design and Layout Team

Yael Korat, Kevin Sheldon

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Letter from the Editor


Culture and the Crescent City
Eleanor Rae

The Intangible Unique
Kevin Sheldon

Workshopping America Culture
Jessica Rivers

Venezuelan Beauty Myth
Michelle Roche

Fiction & Poetry:

Joe Norkis Walks the Bridge Home
Jesse Francis

1970s: Looking Back and Out
Ekaterina Svetova

Baile del Pasado
Chandani Patel

In Matisse's Landscapes
Luke Epplin

The Market Woman / Quitandeira
Agostinho Neto translated into English by Chandani Patel


Chandani Patel

Chandani Patel

Varanasi at Dawn
Cara Shepley

Faith on the Wall
Melissa Maldonado-Salcedo

Before the Show
Luke Epplin

Soldiers March
Cara Shepley

Cultura de Madres
Melissa Maldnoado-Salcedo

Fiestas Patrias
Luke Epplin

On the cover: Umbrellas in Hiroshima
Cara Shepley




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