Vera Zu

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Vera Zu

Department of Linguistics
New York University
10 Washington Place
New York, NY 10003


My full CV (PDF) is here.
About me

I am an ABD at Department of Linguistics, New York University. My primary research interest is the syntax-semantics interface, specifically how structure and interpretation are related, and what principles of syntactic organization and semantic interpretation are needed to analyze a variety of (sometimes little understood) linguistic phenomena. My interest in the mapping between form and meaning also leads me to morphology and neurolinguistics.

I have been doing fieldwork on various Tibeto-Burman languages since 2007.

My advisor is Anna Szabolcsi.


2011    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
           Master of Philosophy in Linguistics, December 2011
2006    Xi'an International Studies University
           Bachelor of Arts in English, July 2006


Friday group meetings:

Morph Beer
Syntax Brown Bag
Semantics group meetings
NYU Linguistics colloquium

Some useful links for linguists interested in Chinese:

Chinese character database (Cantonese)
Chinese word frequencies (Simplified)
Chinese word frequencies (Traditional)

My Erdös Number is 5
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