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I have completed my PhD from Department of Linguistics, New York University. My dissertation can be found here. My primary research interest is the syntax-semantics interface, specifically how structure and interpretation are related, and what principles of syntactic organization and semantic interpretation are needed to analyze a variety of (sometimes little understood) linguistic phenomena. My interest in the mapping between form and meaning also leads me to morphology and neurolinguistics.

I have been doing fieldwork on various Tibeto-Burman languages since 2007.

My advisor is Anna Szabolcsi.

Vera Zu

New York University


(For a full list of publications, see my CV.)


Journal Papers

In Press
Blocking and Paradigm Gaps. Morphology. Co-authored with Itamar Kastner. [preprint]
Quantifier words and their multi-functional(?) parts. Language and Linguistics 15(1):115-155. Co-authored with Anna Szabolcsi and James Whang. [paper]

Proceeding Papers

Competition and obviation from French to Newari Proceedings of the 46th annual meeting of the North East Linguistics Society. 329--342. [paper]
A two-tiered theory of the discourse. Proceedings of the Poster Session of the 33rd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. 151--160. [paper]
Probing for conversation participants: The case of Jingpo. Proceedings of The 49th Annual Regional Meeting of Chicago Linguistic Society 49(1). 379--389. [preprint]
The interweaving of DPs and CPs: Evidence from Jingpo. Current Issues in Linguistic Interfaces: Proceedings of The 2009 Seoul International Conference on Linguistic Interfaces. [email to request a draft]


Word order and the typology of non-local dependencies. Qualifying Paper. [email to request a draft]
Composing meaning morpheme by morpheme: An MEG investigation into across-word and within-word composition. Qualifying Paper. [email to request a draft]


Summer 2015
Language (Undergrad intro to linguistics for all majors), co-taught with Sonia Kasyanenko. Here is a sample syllabus.
Spring 2014
Grammatical Analysis (Undergrad intro to syntax for ling majors), TA for Mark Baltin. Responsible for teaching a weekly recitation, grading, and holding office hours
Spring 2013
Language (Undergrad intro to linguistics for all majors), TA for Anna Szabolcsi. Responsible for teaching a weekly recitation, grading, holding office hours, and giving a guest lecture on parameters


PhD in Linguistics, New York University
M.Phil in Linguistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BA in English, Xi'an International Studies University