Yeronisos Island Expedition

This site was produced by Joan B. Connelly and Timothy Donehoo for Yeronisos Island Expedition. All copyrights to materials on this site including text and images are retained by Joan B. Connelly and Yeronisos Island Expedition unless otherwise noted.

Text: Joan B. Connelly
Text of Ecological Report: Peter P. Blanchard III
Photographs: Benjamin Fraker, Peter P. Blanchard III, Joan B. Connelly, John B. Watts III
Drawings: George Marshall Peters
Plans and Maps: Andrew Wixom, George Marshall Peters
Map of Cyprus on Geography Page by Matt Kaina, copyright: Matt Kaina.
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We wish to thank the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, its Director, Dr. Demos Christou and the Ministry of Communication and Works, Republic of Cyprus, for granting us the license to excavate on Yeronisos Island. We also thank the first excavator of Yeronisos, Dr. Sophocles Hadjisavvas, for his generous cooperation and guidance. We thank President L. Jay Oliva, New York University for his generous support of our work and the 300 hundred strong Friends of Yeronisos whose private contributions underwrite a very substantial part of the Expedition.

We would like to give special thanks to the Department of Fine Arts, College of Arts and Sciences at New York University and Department Chair Edward Sullivan.

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