The 1993 Yeronisos Island Excavation received the distinguished honor of flying the Explorers Club flag high above the trenches. The Flag Award is one of the greatest honors that Explorers Club grants to expeditions. It represents an impressive history of courage and accomplishment, having flown at both poles, from the highest peaks of the greatest mountain ranges and traveled to the depths of the ocean and outer space. The flag was designed by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh, a Charter Member of the Explorer's Club. Between the red of Courage and the blue of Fidelity is a broad white diagonal displaying the world wide circle of the Club's interests. We thank the Explorer's Club, a world resource for scientific exploration, for the support it has shown our project. In addition to honoring us with the flag award, the Club has bestowed its prestigious Youth Activities Grants to undergraduate team members in support of their participation in the Expedition. Don't miss our annual Dig Party held at the Explorers Club each spring. The fundraiser features an illustrated talk on the results of the previous season, Cypriot food, wine and music and the famous Yeronisos Live Auction. If you would like to help in the organization of the event, or wish to be included on the invitation list, please advance to Friends of Yeronisos, Dig Party.
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