+ Whitney Biennial

+ Hudson River School 2.0

Hudson River 2.0 is a two part project that includes the Whitney Biennial for the Fish (WB4F), and the Whitney Biennial for the birds (WB4B). These are both interfaces that facilitate interactions between humans and non-humans to address the urgent cultural and life-threatening issues we face. The issues addressed by HRS2.0 include the looming threat of dredging the Hudson River and the threat of Avian Flu pandemic, both emergencies which require different representations of our relationship to natural systems and the vast expanses of sky and shimmering water favored by the Hudson River School painters. Both emergencies require a shift from imagistic representations to interactive and interconnected representations to understand the dynamic natural systems we live in and among, and the radical environmental changes we are effecting. Hudson River School 2.0 explores how to script individual interactions so that they accumulate into collective and potentially remediative, action.

...for the birds:

Communicative Technology

...for the birds (and humans) i.e. the perches; The advice in the courtyard create a public experiment, and show the birds adopting a new technology. The device is designed to facilitate human bird communication, translating into human dialect some of the birds concerns and arguments. From the birds' point of view, they provide an experimental platform to observe which perche/noise/arguments are effective in convincing people to share resources.

Nutrition Facts

...for the birds (and humans), i.e. imagistic appeals to the birds

Public Toilets

...for the tirds i.e. passive plumbing for avian wate, providing a sipmle collection surface and transport system that can be coupled into sewerage lines, or collection container for nutrient based fertilization


...for the birds (and humans) i.e. bird radio [live stream on xdesign.ucsd.edu/ooz/forthebirds; occasional broadcasts on local radio]

Date: 2006, under the looming threat of Avian Flu (H1N5).

Media: (mixed) transparent urethane, micro controllers, copper, piezo crystal, aluminum, infrared photoplots, ultraviole(n)t imagery, audio recordings, health food bars, human and avian participants.

Dimensions Variable

Collection of the artist; courtesy Postmasters Gallery, New York, and MASSMoCA

...for the fish:

(off site and for the biennial finale. Tune to fish radio for live updates)

Communication Technology

...for the fish (and humans) i.e. the fishface

Whitney Biennial for the fish (and humans),

i.e. imagistic experiments for the fish

Fish Restaurant

for the fish - resource sharing station, and

Fish Radio

Fish Food

for the fish, birds and humans (fishbars) - dietary supplements

And, an investigation for Public Toilets for humans that don't end up dosing the Hudson with out pharmaceutical products...

Date: 2006, in preparation for Hudson River dredging

Media: passive and active hydrophones, micro controllers, fishing line, aluminum, infrared photoplots, ultraviole(n)t imagery, fish health food, human and marine participants.

Collection of the artists, courtesy Postmasters Gallery, New York