Waterlevel Viewer

The EYE LEVEL Observatory (EO) produces a public place to view the water at eye level. This viewing position presents the underbelly of the body of water, and the stretches the surface tension across the eyes.

The view from the EYE LEVEL Observatory (EO) is intended to profoundly transform the water surface from a reflective surface or mirror, into a membrane. It is an instrument to produce a gestalt effect, so that the once a viewer has been immersed in the visceral relationship between the viewers body and the body of water, they will never again see the lake as a surface but as an active skin under which life and possibilities are teeming.

Bank Impact, foundations and installation

This amphibious form exploits the fluid language of water. It is a hydrodynamic form designed to withstand the tremendous forces exerted by the water through the seasonal variations. The static form and structure of the EO shape protruding into the water itself will physically demonstrates the dynamic power of bodies of water, that can carve through mountains.

The form uses optically clear cast acrylic and the final form of the manufactured unit is still being determined. Precast concrete steps will form the foundation to anchor the viewer. The installation involves constructing a temporary damn, excavating the bank, placement of the precast form and pumping the form out.

+ Sound, light and the politics of water

Inside and seated in the Eyeline Observatory the hydrophonic qualities of the water will be transmitted through the vertical surface of the form by virtue of the physically coupling to the river.

The lighting for this public seat could be hydropowered and solar powered, and ideally the same inexhaustible energy supplies will also be used for the passive oneway valve system that affords bilge pumping to control the seepage into the enclosure. No additional infrastructure or mains connection will be required.

As the political importance of water rises in local debates and international debates (rising water levels involved in Global warming) the view from EO becomes a platform to provide public view of the material evidence that informs these debates. Specifically the water level is clearly rendered on the physical form of the EO, and subtle engravings of record highs and lows will also be marked therein.

Sectional diagram of view from inside Waterlevel Viewer.