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Initial Public Offering

Fishface is a grid of fish detecting buoys for installation in the Hudson River near 15th St (below Chelsea piers) creating a low resolution display of the activity and flow conditions in a shoreline section of the river. The fish interface is communication technology for fish. It renders the presence or absence of the fish in its immediate vicinity, and provides an interface for humans to communicate with fish (and vice versa).

Functionally, each device also contains a sonar transducer that lights up if there are fish present. A single fish swimming through the array appears as a series of lights sequentially marking its path; a school of fish will provide a drifting cloud of lights. See animation.

Formally, the vector field of buoys translates the undulations and subsurface hydro dynamics of the river into more visible underbelly. Revealing this unseen movement in the Hudson makes a mesmerizing visual. Each of the buoys has low-power LEDs which at night can rival the reflections of the city's lights.

Pre Launch Offering

OOZ, The Incorporation: 

The OOZ project--interfaces for human and nonhuman interaction--is incorporating.

Because corporations are granted "personhood" with the rights of an indivdual, and equal protection under the14th Amendment, they provide a unique structure and opportunity to extend personhood to other nonhumans. Corporations are the only non persons considered 'people' , whereas other forms of organization including governments, unions, not-for-profit 501-c, art museums, Zoological gardens, Galleries,  and small unincorporated businesses do not have "rights". Nor do other forms of life, and if they do, they are limited at best.

Nomination procedures for intelligent nonhuman board members are currently underway. Towards provision for human and non human shareholders, which will thereby enable animals to inhabit personhood and achieve essential rights including freedom of speech, or song, as the case may be. 
Stay tuned to bird radio, with live daily morning reports from West 4th and West 11th, known as the Times Square of Sparrow Life... http://xdesign.nyu.edu/ooz/forthebirds

Post Launch Offering

Initial Design