+ For the Birds


"For the Birds" is technology developed for users who are birds, [ that is, bird operable technology.] This is not a new concept for the birds. Urban birds have figured out how to use much of the technology developed for human use for their own purposes, from electricity infrastructure, bridges, window ledges, light poles, signage systems which provide shelter, social gathering sites, warmth and foraging advantage, to the recently documented migration guided by highway and expressway systems (the ones popular with trucks and cars), to pigeon restaurant guides (i.e. detailed maps of people lunching spots from park benches, cafe's and food carts. However. It's a relatively new concept for humans--that we share our technology and other resources with non-humans--and one to which we pay some attention, given the state of the environment. For the birds inserts urban birds into the information age, and their intelligence and capacity to adapt into the attention economy. This public experiment allows us to address some important questions, see the FAQ.