+ Communication Technology for the Birds

if you were a bird and landed on this convenient perch, you would trigger a sound issued from the base of the perch device. You might also notice that this had a fairly reliable effect on the creatures milling around below.

Communication technology for the birds effectively facilitate birds' control of people. Birds use these devices shown triggering short sound files that use a number of persuasive strategies and arguments to enlist, educate and endorse human behavior to share nutritive resources with nonhumans.

Tactics include: a guilty jewish mother; the character of Intellectual Property attorney insisting on paying copyright dues for appropriated ringtones, melodies, and sound effects; appeals to the foraging superiority of urban birds as the most effective rat and mouse control; and others.

The extension of the public experiment: For the Birds is for the context of the High Line are further bird devices that can augment the environment to facilitate high density population context, specialty food produce and bird structures for the coproduction of bird architecture.


Bird Perches are designed to facilitate human bird communication, translating into human dialect some of the birds concerns and arguments. From the birds point of view they provide an experimental platform to observe which perch/noise/arguments are effective in convincing people to share resources.

Perch User Manual

Instruction for the Birds:

Instructions for People:

Bird Radio

...for the birds (and humans) i.e. bird radio [live stream on xdesign.nyu.edu/ooz/forthebirds; occasional broadcasts on local radio]

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