+ Ooz Architect

Laura Kurgan

Architect Laura Kurgan has done some OOZ architectural work for this species of client. In the form of a proposed Bat Bar i.e. a martini bar to facilitate interaction, and in particular the actions of sipping of martinis post sunset, as one watches the flurry of bats emerge for the evenings events.

For this she developed a series of bat habitable structures that quoted eaves (sans building) and other elements for which bats have already demonstrated preference. This strategy reflects the negative spaces of human architecture and emphasizes the long history of bats adapting to people architecture. This also provides a practical development approach. By reverse engineering the published studies on bat proofing, of roofs, drains and eaves we have access to detailed description of both what enables and prevents bat entry, egress and lifestyle. Bat proofing strategies are extensive resources on urban bat habitats and behaviors in the absence of urban ecological studies.