Project Description
       • what is Onetrees?
 Project Map
   Project Developement & Timeline
   Biological Clones
       • how and why do you clone a tree?
 Electronic Clones: A-Life Tree
       • how and why do you simulate a tree?
       • why are the trees in pairs?
   OneTrees Sites
       • where are the trees? 
       • What is a printer queue virus good for?
   Reference / Links
   People & Places
       • who did this?
       • who supports this?



OneTree(s) Two Wheeling Schedule:


  • Noon. University Art Gallery, Berkeley
  • 2-4pm. Oakland sites.
  • 4-6pm. Ride to San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
  • 6-8pm. SFAI. Performances by Heather + John Peter.
  • 10pm- Urban Camping.
  • Saturday

  • 8am. Castro sites.
  • 1on. Arrive at POND.
  • 4pm. Ride to Palo Alto.
  • 6pm. Bloggercon.