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       • what is Onetrees?
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   Project Developement & Timeline
   Biological Clones
       • how and why do you clone a tree?
 Electronic Clones: A-Life Tree
       • how and why do you simulate a tree?
       • why are the trees in pairs?
   OneTrees Sites
       • where are the trees? 
       • What is a printer queue virus good for?
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   People & Places
       • who did this?
       • who supports this?


References and Links

Associated Panels and Speakers
An urgent panel discussion entitled "How to Understand Genetic Information - And Why?" was held to respond to the "Paradise Now" exhibition at EXIT Art . The panel included theorists whose works analyze the social, political and cultural understandings of genetic representations and elaborate critical approaches. In response to the Utopian Tenor in which the so-called "Biotechnological Revolution" was represented. The discussion focused on what is at stake in these new representations - how and why to understand genetic conceptions of life. To see more information about the panel, or to watch it in RealPlayer, go to the Paradise Now / Invest Now site (