June 15/16 Extreme Streaming/Silent Observers

Silent Observers:
Visual Observations & Streaming Media Practices

Eyebeam in association with Silent Observers exhibition at CALIT2, 4th Screen Cell Phone Video festival, and the NYU Environmental Health Clinic presents:

[t0] Time Series:
a streaming discussion on realtime media practices and promises

Friday June 15: 5PM-8:30 PM New York/Eyebeam

2PM-5:30 PM San Diego/CALIT2

Fri/Sat June 15 / 16: 11PM-2:30AM Venice; Amsterdam; Stockholm; Kassel; Brussels

In the face of environmental and political crises we demand not just more information but more immediate information. We are witnessing an explosion in the forms of realtime monitoring and reporting: air quality data to your cell phones; incessant blogs; streaming images of war zones and conflicts from which we might prefer to be historically removed. A consortium centered at CALIT is launching the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) developing cyber-infrastructure that will allow extensive realtime monitoring and event detection.

Is this a perverse cultural impulse that sidesteps considered interpretive processes and analysis, or does this urgency seize attention and generate diverse sense-making, with its own immediate interpretive demands? Alternatively, might it allow sustained attention to issues that are otherwise under-represented or unrepresented? How do we collectively manage these data streams? Are they an opportunity for changing who attends, and how we respond? Can this allow higher standards of evidence in political and environmental crisis?

The time at which one witnesses something—not just the places and events witnessed—has tremendous implications for how and if we can respond. With realtime or near realtime data, intervention, response or participation become possible – or impossible.

This time series discussion includes two-and-a-half streaming panel discussions across six cities in realtime to survey projects that address the issues surrounding realtime representations. t0 x0 locations: San Diego; New York; Stockholm; Venice; Kassel; Amsterdam.

Can realtime media challenge our borders, change environmental accounts, and restructure participation, accountability or responsibility in civil society?
What is real about realtime?



Streaming over, through and beyond borders, wars, media networks and inattention: a survey of recent projects that explore when, why and where realtime transmissions are critical, and to whom.

neuroTransmitter [Angel Nevarez + Valerie Tevere] along with Diana McCarty and Pit Schultz of Reboot.fm will discuss transmission projects produced in Berlin and recently at the G8 Summit.

Streamtime.org [Cecile Landman from Amsterdam] http://www.streamtime.org/ on using old and new media to produce content and networks in the fields of media, arts, culture and activism in Iraq.

From San Diego and across the militarized US/Mexican border Micha Cárdenas discusses streaming at the Encuentro of La Otra Campana in Tijuana and moving from streaming to podcasting with Radioactive Sandiego.

Ananya Vajpeyi, on atrocity, history and representation in old and new media. Are realtime images mediated, or are they immediate? Does realtime render reality urgent or banal; more real or less? http://www.wdw.nl/underfire-archive/topic.php?topic_id=98

Eric Klineberg, author of the new book Fighting for Air: The Battle to Control America’s Media.

[5 presenters X 10 mins]

Mejan Labs http://www.mejanlabs.se/ [curator Björn Norberg and director Peter Hagdahl from Stockholm] discuss the publication of Get Real! Surveying 5 years producing realtime artists projects – where did it lead? – in addition to current research direction incorporating realtime work.

Hasan Elahi discusses his recent project in the Venice Biennale http://trackingtransience.net/ and extreme realtime in his overexposed FBI-monitored life. Hasan’s incentive and experiment are clear, his defense uncertain, his projects question the information gain in self-reporting and find privacy in radical openness.

Steve Madoff discusses the launch of Artcloud.com, an art world social networking site being launched NOW at Documenta, Munster and the Venice Biennale. Will this site document the social process involved in making meaning and value in contemporary art?

Other social sites designed to explore alternatives to entrenched social practices including: feral trade [feraltrade.org]—trading goods along social networks; howstuffismade [howstuffismade.org]—promoting information exchange between academia and manufacturing sectors towards more sustainable and less toxic manufacturing processes; and CAVD, the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery; promoting information and data sharing AIDS research. Presented by Kate Rich, Brussels; Natalie Jeremijenko and Diane Ludin, New York.

[t0.25] PANEL TWO (AND A HALF): REALTIME REAL WORLD [4 presenters X 5 mins]

This half panel begins a discussion in realtime realworld monitoring, introducing the closely related projects and strategies involved in environmental monitoring and realtime data streams. Presenters include:

Mark Hansen UCLA; Jenna Diddier Materials &Applications; Shannon Spanhake CALIT; and CALIT National Oceanographic Network.

Closing comments: Natalie Jeremijenko [NY] Zeljko Blace [SD]

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Program 1: The 4th Screen CellPhone Video Festival [RELEASED JUNE 16TH 2007]
Program 2: Social Movement almost Annual Report [RELEASED AUGUST 16TH 2007]
Program 3: Bureau Findings. [RELEASED SEPT 16TH 2007]
Program 4:

Programs can be downloaded at SilentObservers

Developed by SocialMovement Lab; Derek Lomas and Natalie Jeremijenko with Silent Observers

Silent*Observers is an ongoing media art project focused on the topic of mediation of local ambient experiences through computer networks, using observation as method and streaming media as technological carrier.

Initiated in 2003 by Multimedia Institute in Zagreb, with support of Center for Research in Computing and Arts at University of California SD and THE THING, Postmasters Gallery in NYC with goals to research, produce new works, exhibit and publish on methods of mediated observation and net streaming.

The4thScreen: a global fest of art & innovation for mobile phones focuses on the emerging cultural, technological and social phenomenon of mobile phones.