Launching Grand Rounds

The NYU environmental health clinic Grand Rounds is a series presenting and podcasting design interventions that change or improve the envrionmental performance of local urban systems. Modeled on the Grand Rounds of hospitals and medical schools, Grand Rounds of Environmental Health covers direct actions, remediation projects, public experiments and other material tactics.

The invited speakers present evidence-driven interventions, action based research projects and heroic engineering that have demonstrable environmental effects, and yet have not lost something of the wonderful, fantastical, surprising and/or suggestive. Unlike medical schools, whose grand rounds are typically not-so-grand powerpoint presentations, these rounds will take us out and about in the urban ecosytems, examining ills and discussing the effectiveness of hands-on remediatory actions.

EHC Grand Rounds cover projects that are construed in contrast to traditional approached to environmental issues though policy initiatives such as carbon tax, LEEDS rating, regulatory initiatives, and other strategies that use market and regulatory instruments for percentage reductions of existing activities. These political initiatives tend to take many years to pass through the political processes--for example the agreement to dredge PCBs from the Hudson took over 30 years--and are beyond the timeframe required to inform immediate action. This forum documents practices, theorists and projects that provide alternatives to the existing repetorie of policy tools and strategies for environmental change, to produce an economy of actions and demonstrable effects that may accumulate into effective collective action.

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