Observations in Chelsea

This evening I observed the following birdz in the Chelsea/ Meatpacking/Greenwhich Village; 1.5 hrs bt 7-8:30, bedtime. Locations are mapped here, along with observations about water sources.

Observed Pigeons; Sparrows; Swifts; a single gull; and a Mocking Bird on 18th between 9th and 10th. Nest material in its mouth--did not see the nest location.
The underbelly of the highline was actively pigeonated, could not discern nests from roosting (perhaps tweeters are wuieter in the evening). NJ has see 2 nests on 18th street underbelly. notice nests
Sparrow nest 443 19th. Noise was coming from a crevice in window frame.
Gull flying overhead arround 9th st at about 22nd. Maybe heading for the fish shop on 9th and 19th

No bats noted.

Yesterday, nj observed the 9 Canada Geese, and a single female mallard. The CG enjoyed the uncooked potato chips the cooks from the Frying Pan threw to them. The duck and gulls (ring?) did not care for the potatoes, and were more enthusiastic about the hotdog buns, and flat bread.
The Piers make a magnificient

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