Subhuman and Superhuman

VA202 ART PRACTICE/Graduate Seminar
robots, workers, animals and other strategies to coping with complexity

A research and discussion based seminar that examines how concepts of intelligence influence material culture and script our technologies. We will reveal these ideas by examining the negative space of intelligence, that is, looking at the subhuman entities. We will examine how robots, animals, workers and other complexities are scripted and contained and through this reveal what we take to be human and intelligent, or what counts as intelligence (or human capital, or creative capital) and what doesn't. We will discuss how subhumans are created by the same technologies that produce ideals of the superhuman, towards tracing the materiality and material cost of specific ideas. This will lead us to ask the reflexive questions of what is the role of the academy, it role in the production of the information commons, and the complicity of academics in contemporary material culture.

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