March 4, 2006

Feral Trade


Having fallen off the wagon over the past few weeks, we're reentering the fray with Kate Rich's Feral Trade project. Kate's a good friend of Natalie's and via Feral Trade, has established a remarkable series of informal, alternative distribution networks of otherwise locally produced goods - coffee from El Salvador, Sweets from Iran and St. John's Wort from Bulgaria. Shipments are rigorously catalogued, providing visual documentation of people and places along the way and informational packaging that together create an informative narrative of socially driven commodity chains. States Rich:

"Feral Trade is an initiative to develop new trade relations along social networks. The use of the word 'feral' denotes a process which is wilfully wild (as in pigeon) as opposed to romantically or nature-wild (wolf). The passage of goods can open up wormholes between diverse social settings, routes along which other information, techniques or individuals can potentially travel.

The first registered feral trade was initiated in 2003, with the import of 30kg of coffee from Sociedad Cooperative de Cafecultores Nonualcos R.L. in San Pedro Nonualco El Salvador, to the Cube Microplex cinema co-op in Bristol UK. The coffee is now traded on through the UK and Europe over social, cultural, familial and occupational networks.

Design and production of documentary product packaging is an integral part of the feral trade process, with a view to rendering diverse currents in global shipping, international relations & network mobility from the extreme local point of view of the feral trade product."

Feral Trade

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