February 5, 2006

How the New York Times is Made


The New York Times' print circulation averages about 1.1 million for the daily edition, and just under 1.7 million for the Sunday edition. At over 8 million newspapers at week, or 430 million a year - that's a lot of paper. Of the Times' 19 nationally distributed printing facilities, one is located in New York in College Point, Queens. The Times offers a 'virtual tour' of the plant - an exciting prospect, but not well executed. To be sure, it raises some interesting questions, but the pictures are blurry, information is spare, and in nearly all of the photographs nary a worker is to be found. Given their willingness to provide some information on their production process, perhaps they could be convinced to team up with HSIM to produce what could be a compelling essay - one that includes not just the technology and resources required to churn out over a million newspapers a day, but labor issues and environmental costs as well.

NYT College Point Virtual Tour

Posted by cdierks at February 5, 2006 12:35 AM
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