July 31, 2007

solar awning diagrams

The Solar awning provides a positionable solar array, easy accessed to set at the otimal angle seasonally. An additional performance benefit is the reduced solar heat gain though windows.

The solar awning strategy does not hide the solar cells on existing surfaces, but produces a highly visible feature that signals the internal systems externally. Internally the feature exploits the shading effects of the solar awning, patterning the interior surfaces and displaying the external conditions.

May 29, 2007


The GreenLight is a prescription product developed for the xdesign Environmental Health Clinic. The light is prescribed for Impatients* interested in changing their relationship to energy systems; improving indoor air-quality and developing experience with closed and coupled systems design--the chief strategies for improved environmental performance. This lighting product diffuses light by coupling to photosynthetic processes. Planting strategies can be specified to address particular indoor air quality issues including VOC, benzene and formaldehyde removal. Like other prescription products this product requires a clinic appointment to introduce the design parameters involved, and the novel issues involved in distributed power production. In addition we discuss siting the solar awning to maximize solar energy capture and explain the advantages of the seasonal performance variation; baselining indoor air quality and specifying the mini-ecosystem appropriate for the site. Furthermore, this product embodies further important research questions including strategies to address the airquality issues of energy efficient buildings, and sales of this products directly supports clinical research in this and related areas. Impatients are asked to make follow-up appointments to contribute to this research.
* impatients refers to people who come to the clinic to address their environmental health concerns. They are qualified by sufficient impatience and skepticism with the prolonged processes of legislative change and the repertoire of experimental market-based instruments to foster environmental change. Like traditional health clinics, impatients formulate their own concerns, and seek expertise to address these issues. The leave the clinic with prescriptions for environmental design intervention, data collection and referrals to other relevant specialists and community groups in environmental activism and advocacy.


Greenlight is produced and manufactured under fully transparent conditions and documented on the visual wiki howstuffismade.org. The open visual account invites scrutiny and innovation revealing the ongoing optimization to the manufacturing processes, labor conditions and environmental costs involved: [2]

feraltrade.org Greenlight is distributed through the Feral Trade network, a social network running largely outside commercial systems that fosters knowledge exchange and accountability. The database offers dedicated tracking of feral trade products in circulation, archives every shipment and generates freight documents on the fly: [3]

Blown glass, multi-crystalline Photovoltaic cells encased in clear urethane, LED lighting technology, photosynthesis.

Product Description: Solar-powered blown glass overhead planting light

Inspiration/concept: Closed loop system design to address indoor air quality issues

Dimensions: Fixture: Height: 12-16" with 9" Diameter base Sunlight power station: H = 9" W = 14" D = 6"

Materials: Glass, low voltage LED light system, Photovoltaic panel, battery, control system, tropical & sub-tropical indoor plants which maximize indoor air filtration

Manufacturing Processes: Blown glass, multi-crystalline Photovoltaic cells encased in clear urethane, LED lighting technology, photosynthesis.

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