In New Jersey the geese are systematically rounded into trucks and gassed--a technique that was applied to other 'subhumans' in recent history. They are shot throughout the US and Europe, and at best, systematically ignored, shooed, or fed scraps if any offering is made at all. Yet their survival testifies to a functioning urban ecosystem, they have critical functional, remediative and arguably redemptive roles to play in an urban ecosystems that are poorly understood. They are the most hopeful of environmental agents precisely because they demonstrate adaptive strategies that we have not observed before, and do not understand. There is a great deal to learn from them.

Moreover, they demonstrate that we, and our urban megapolis, are inside nature, not separate or distinct from it. When animals make autonomous choices to inhabit places that we do not recognize as 'natural' they teach us that we live in something natural. They demonstrate clearly that we live are part of nature not outside it looking in.

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