The database is assembled with fields described in the proposal, and will by default display in temporal order. The important function that differentiates this project from other databases is that rich, dynamically built interpretive units can accrete in the annotations. This is organized through the "cog blog" system, a unique system design by PhD student Mariano Belinky in collaboration with nj, that allows keyword searches to accumulate meaning. The power of this design is that, although you could search on different key words (e.g. "greeting" or "hello" or "apparent recognition") which, like in any other open system (e.g. www, or rdf) would retrieve distinct samples of video with annotations containing these words. The cogblog system allows the semantic relationship of these distinct terms to be grouped, redundantly. This augments the interpretive work of participants and provides a system that can organize, concatenate and parse the invited diversity.

Another function that is unique, is the auto assembly of the video clips along the semantic groupings and others searches. I have written extensively in the Market Research project and the BANGBANG project on the role of video (i.e. open ended representation format) in engaging diverse people. This project also follows this tradition of using the populist genre of video as data.


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