These two phenomena are recent institutional responses to the widespread news of vast degradation and environmental crisis. The philosophy of ecotourism sharply divides the human and non human worlds, even as it introduces the humans in large numbers into animal dominated contexts. The underlying philosophy of ecotourism is to DO NO HARM or LEAVE NO TRACE, scripting people like thieves to sneak in and out of some place, so they make off with photos and sightings. By contrast the OOZ philosophy is much more explicitly: DO SOME GOOD: give something, learn something, build collective knowledge, make some action to improve the environment. OOZ insists on initiating and facilitating productive and generative relationships.

Farm tourism is built on nostalgia for romanticized farm life, or perhaps the desire for a direct relationship with the animals of production. Its rising success testifies again to the desire to be involved with animals in some way that is not satisfied by the existing institiutions.

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