Fundamental political concepts are all naturalized through animals. One of the most persuasive strategy used to promote the acceptance of homosexuality was to demonstrate its ubiquity in the nonhuman world, conversely, the argument to estrange homosexual couples was that it was 'not natural'; the same argument that has been used against interracial and cross-cultural marriages. see B. Bagemihl "Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity” [read a review at], The political readings of the animal world--and of particular interest to this project, the models of governance, territory negotiations, and social dynamics such as class mobility in geese, are, one could argue (and many have) the primary pattern from which political is validated. As the sociologist of science Bruno Latour says: "Nature, far from being an obvious domain of reality, is a way of assembling political order without due process." He too proposes an end to the dichotomy between nature and society, and asserts in its place a collective incorporating humans and nonhumans. Stevens bluntly concurs stating "everything political is natural and vice versa". (Stevens, J., New York Law Journal, Legal Aesthetics of the family and the Nation: AgoraXchange and notes towards re imaging the future. New York Law Journal forthcoming.)

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