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Film Title Director Year
W. Somerset Maugham: "Lord Mountdrago" Armstrong, Moira 1970
The Wagonmaster Ford, John 1950
Waiter's Ball Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" 1916
Wake Up and Live Lanfield, Sidney 1937
The Wakefield Case Irving, George 1921
Walking Back Julian, Rupert 1928
The Walking Dead Curtiz, Michael 1936
Walking Down Broadway [AKA Hello Sister] Stroheim, Erich von 1933
The Walls Came Tumbling Down Mendes, Lothar 1946
The Wanderer Walsh, Raoul 1925
The Wandering Jew Elvey, Maurice 1933
Wandering Willies Lord, Del 1926
Wanted for Murder Huntington, Lawrence 1946
War and the Woman Warde, Ernest C. 1917
War Nurse Selwyn, Edgar 1930
The Ware Case Stevenson, Robert 1938
Warner Brothers Silver Jubilee Adolfi, John G. 1930
Water Wagons Lord, Del 1926
Waterfront Anderson, Michael 1950
Waterloo Bridge LeRoy, Mervyn 1940
The Waverley Steps Eldridge, John 1948
The Way Ahead Reed, Carol 1944
Way Back Home Seiter, William A. 1932
Way Down East Griffith, D.W. 1920
The Way of the Strong Capra, Frank 1928
Way Out West Horne, James W. 1937
The Way to Love Taurog, Norman 1933
The Way to the Stars Asquith, Anthony 1945
We Dive at Dawn Asquith, Anthony 1943
We from Kronstadt Dzigan, Efim 1936
We of the West Riding Annakin, Ken 1946
We're Not Dressing Taurog, Norman 1934
We're Only Human Flood, James 1935
We're Rich Again Seiter, William A. 1934
The Weaker Sex Baker, Roy 1948
The Webster Boy Chaffey, Don 1962
Wee Willie Winkie Ford, John 1937
Weekend Marriage Freeland, Thornton 1932
Welcome Danger St. Clair, Malcolm 1929
The Well O'Sullivan, Anthony 1913
Went the Day Well? Cavalcanti, Alberto 1942
Were Tiger Bracken, Bertram 1915
West of the Pesos McKimson, Robert 1955
Westbound Limited Johnson, Emory 1924
The Western Hero Miller, Don (Research) 1963
Western Union Lang, Fritz 1941
What a Change of Clothes Did Young, James 1912
What Drink Did Griffith, D.W. 1909
What Happened to Mary? [serial]   1912-1913
What No Man Knows Garson, Harry 1922
What Price Goofy? McCarey, Leo 1925
What Price Hollywood? Cukor, George 1932
What We're Fighting For Kenton, Erle C. 1942
What's Cookin' Doc? Clampett, Bob 1944
When a Man Rides Alone McGowan, J.P. 1933
When a Man's a Man Cline, Edward F. 1935
When Knights Were Bold Raymond, Jack 1936
When the Daltons Rode Marshall, George 1940
When the Talkies Were Young Youngson, Robert 1955
When Thief Meets Thief [AKA Jump for Glory] Walsh, Raoul 1937
Where Am I? Bowers, Charles 1925
Where East Is East Browning, Tod 1929
Where the North Begins Franklin, Chester 1923
Where's That Fire? Varnel, Marcel 1939
While Paris Sleeps Dwan, Allan 1932
While the Tide Was Rising Wilson, Ben 1914
The Whip Tourner, Maurice 1917
The Whispering Chorus DeMille, Cecil B. 1918
Whispering Whiskers   1926
Whispering Wires Ray, Albert 1926
The Whistle Hillyer, Lambert 1921
Whistling in the Dark Simon, Sylvan S. 1941
The White Angel Dieterle, William 1936
White Corridors Jackson, Pat 1951
White Gold Howard, William K. 1927
The White Gorilla Fraser, Harry 1945
The White Hell of Pitz Palu Pabst, G.W. and Dr. Arnold Fanck 1929
White Shadows in the South Seas Van Dyke, W.S. 1928
The White Sin Seiter, William A. 1924
The White Sister King, Henry 1923
The White Sister Fleming, Victor 1933
The White Tiger Browning, Tod 1923
The White Unicorn Knowles, Bernard 1947
White Woman Walker, Stuart 1933
White Zombie Halperin, Victor 1932
Who Goes Next? Elvey, Maurice 1938
The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog Porter, Edwin S. 1905
The Whole Town's Talking Ford, John 1935
Whoopee Freeland, Thornton 1930
The Whoopee Party Jackson, Wilfred 1932
Why Daddy? Jason, Will 1944
Why Sailors Go Wrong Lehrman, Henry 1928
The Wide Open Spaces Rosson, Arthur 1932
The Widower   1912
Wife and Auto Trouble Henderson, Del 1916
Wife, Husband and Friend Ratoff, Gregory 1939
Wild and Woolly Emerson, John 1917
Wild Blood MacRae, Henry 1928
Wild Boy De Courville, Albert 1934
Wild Boys of the Road Wellman, William 1933
Wild Company McCarey, Leo 1930
Wild Horse Mesa Seitz, George B. 1925
Wild Money King, Louis 1937
Wild Oranges Vidor, King 1924
Wild Orchids Franklin, Sidney 1929
The Wild Party Arzner, Dorothy 1929
William Wellman: An Interview   1972
Willis O'Brien Test Footage O'Brien, Willis 1928
Window Cleaners King, Jack 1940
A Window in London Mason, Herbert 1939
Wings Wellman, William 1927
Wings in the Dark Flood, James 1935
Wings of the Morning Schuster, Harold 1936
Wings of the Navy Bacon, Lloyd 1939
Winner Take All Del Ruth, Roy 1932
Winners of the Wilderness Van Dyke, W.S. 1927
Winter Bathing   1905
Winter Straw Ride McCutcheon, Wallace and Edwin S. Porter 1906
Wise Girl Jason, Leigh 1937
The Wishing Ring Tourneur, Maurice 1914
The Witching Hour Hathaway, Henry 1934
Without Honor Hopper, E. Mason 1917
Wives Under Suspicion Whale, James 1938
The Wizard of Oz Eshbaugh, Ted 1933
The Wolf's Trail Ford, Francis 1927
Woman Chases Man Blystone, John G. 1937
The Woman God Forgot DeMille, Cecil B. 1917
The Woman He Scorned Czinner, Paul 1929
The Woman in Grey [serial] Vincent, James 1919
The Woman in Red Florey, Robert 1935
The Woman in White Godfrey, Peter 1948
A Woman Is the Judge Grindé, Nick 1939
The Woman Men Yearn For [Die Frau, Nach der Man Sich Sehnt] Bernhardt, Kurt 1929
A Woman of Nerve Belmont, Joseph 1915
A Woman of Sin   1914
The Woman Giblyn, Charles 1913
Woman to Woman Saville, Victor 1929
The Woman Who Came Back Colmes, Walter 1945
A Woman's Faith Laemmle, Edward 1925
A Woman's Vengeance Korda, Zoltan 1947
Women Without Names Florey, Robert 1940
Won Through Merit Nowland, Eugene 1915
Wonder Bar Bacon, Lloyd 1934
The Wonderful Lie [Die Wunderhare Luege der Nina Petrovna] Schwarz, Hanns 1929
Wonders of the Yellowstone Holmes, Burton 1917
Wooden Crosses [Les croix de bois] Raymond Bernard 1931
The Wooden Soldier Rollin, Jacques 1928
Woolen Under Where Monroe, Philip and Richard Thompson 1962
Words for Battle Jennings, Humphrey 1941
The Working Man Adolfi, John G. 1933
The World Changes LeRoy, Mervyn 1933
The World Is Ours Wrangell, Basil 1938/9
The World Moves On Ford, John 1934
The World of the Crystal Sardan, A. 1945
The Worst Woman in Paris Bell, Monta 1933
The Wreck of the Hesperus Clifton, Elmer 1927
The Wrecker von Bolvary, Geza 1929
Wrecking Crew McDonald, Frank 1942
Wrong Again McCarey, Leo 1929
The Wrong Road Cruze, James 1937
The Wrong Way Out Machaty, Gustav 1938
Die Wunderhare Luege der Nina Petrovna [The Wonderful Lie] Schwarz, Hanns 1929